Street Billet Series


Our Street Billet Series is the perfect turbo for your budget build. All of our Street Billet turbos are built with the same quality and precision manufacturing you can expect from a BMW, TCT or NLX. We have spent years on R&D to build an affordable turbo that will perform well and build good boost for any application . All Street Billet turbos come with a cast center section and quality journal bearings, the inlet line is uses a NPT fitting to create a seal you can trust. The Street Billet comes with our custom design wheel and the Bullseye Power race cover we all know. The Street Billet Series has proven itself time and time again on the street and the strip! Read on to see what our customers have to say about the Street Billet and the success they are having…

Karl Blasi’s success with the Street Billet Series

I spoke with Karl yesterday about his car and his success with the Street Billet and here is what he had to say…”The car is completely street legal, runs on pump E85, full interior, and almost 3200 lbs. I won’t say exactly how fast it’s been, but it’s been over 140 MPH in the 1/8. We upgraded to the 88mm street billet at the beginning of the season at the recommendation of Bill Devine. We were looking for more power and boy we found it. This turbo spools unbelievably quick on our little 8.2 deck motor. We spent most of the year chasing our tails trying to figure out how to use all the new found power. We just started to get a handle on it towards the end of the season. We have big plans for next season!”

Derek Shenefield with his Mustang!

Here is what Derek has to say about the Street Billet and getting setup…”Working with Bullseye Power to build a turbo for my setup was effortless. As a longtime cenri guy with no turbo experience I was pretty clueless as to what I really needed. The guys up there are extremely knowledgeable about their products and really worked with me to ensure I got best turbo possible for my setup. Getting a turbo to work well with a stick car is no easy task. I really look forward to working with Bullseye in the future as my car and goals progress.”