Bullseye Powers Reach Continues To Grow


Avijit Verma a Dealer for Bullseye Power has been setting some monumental landmarks! Avijit has been selling Bullseye for a while now and its awesome to see the reach he has in the Indianapolis area. His roots are in Imports but now seems to dabble in most anything. A few of last years customers consisted of a Dirt Drag Cummins with an 80mm TCT. A Chevy Silverado that’s making over 800Whp and his friends Mustang with a Compound Turbo LS thats equipped with a 76MM TCT and a 66MM Street Billet. Now this is only scratching the surface! All you local guys to Indiana you need to hit him up! Posted below are a few videos of the Bullseye Snails putting in work!

Brandon and I- I think we should put a 9lb spring in the wastegate to try to keep the stock V6 rear end alive for a little while. Wastegate- Say no more fam 🖐🏽 25psi YEEEEEEEET!! Made a little over 868whp/772wtq with no timing in it LOL. Time to address the boost creep issues and add a few more goodies to the mix. 

Posted by Avijit Verma on Thursday, November 7, 2019

This 12V Cummins is making some power with our Bullseye Billet 80mm TCT!! 1320Whp 2370wtq…ON DIRT 😳 Now imagine it when it hits the pavement this spring… 😲😎

Posted by Avijit Verma on Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Corey’s new Mustang setup!