Record setters at large!


277 Mph at the Texas Mile

Texas Mile: Passion for Speed

The Texas Mile: Passion for Speed – World Record Breaking Rider Shane Stubbs stuns spectators at Victoria Regional Airport.

Posted by Crossroads Today on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

From 4 second cars to bikes that go 277 mph we can outfit anything with a Bullseye Power Turbo. Here is just one more example of a man setting the bar! Shane stubbs has a GSX1300R and it is one bad bike. This GSXR is nothing to shake a stick at, it makes 530 HP on 18 PSI of boost. It is outfitted with our TCT and modified for his bike. Shane grew up building mustangs and racing with his brother Eric Stubbs. His passion didn’t stop at that. I spoke with shane yesterday and he said his love for speed took him to bikes because he felt to confined in a car. He says that its only an 18 second ride but when he gets going the comfort sets in and it seems like the pass lasts 4 minutes, “Its like time slows down” says Shane. That is just crazy! Shane just set the record at the Texas Mile going 277.90 mph and passed the half mile mark at 241.20 setting the world record for the half mile. Shane is pushing to set yet another record and i think we all know what that will be….

Jerry Morganos Outlaw 10.5 SBF World Record!

Again folks this is the end result when the driver tunes his own car. Jerry Morgano Tyler Morgano 3.86 at 202mph and thew win!!! Bullseye Power turbos wins and sets SBF world record on 10.5 slicks!!! Did i mention these turbos are 7 year old technology?

Posted by Bill Devine on Monday, November 11, 2019

Jerry Morgano’s SBF with Twin Bullseye Power 94mm turbos just destroyed the Outlaw 10.5 SBF World Record! Jerry is not new to the game, he’s an experienced driver that knows and tunes his car. He has consistently ran very fast times on this setup. Jerry was at Orlando Speedworld in Orlando Florida when he set the record. An experienced driver that owns his program is what set this record!

Keith Rhea Kills it in a Ford Modular Door Car!

Keith Rhea at Mod Nats

Keith Rhea running a new best, 6.64 at 209 MPH (setting the door car record AGAIN! He set it 2 weeks ago as well), and winning King of the 4V Pro at Mod Nats.Great to see him get a win, especially after seeing him at World Cup Finals. Here's my video of him at WCF:

Posted by Drag Racing and Car Stuff on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bullseye Power does it again with the NLX Series Turbochargers. Keith Rhea runs Bullseye Power NLX on his Modular Mustang Door Car and reset the world record running a 6.64 @209 Mph at Mod Nationals on November 16th, 2019. Keith was just outfitted with the Twin 83mm NLX’s at the end of this season and is already dialing into the power that the NLX’s are capable of. The Mod Nationals were at South Georgia Motorsports Park this year and weather was not cooperating with racing however keith still managed to put in good passes. This is a true testimony of what a racer can do when he builds, tunes and gets fitted with the proper setup! Way to go Keith Rhea!

TT Minion takes the win!

Fastest Stick Shift Mustang On The Planet

Check out Yandro in The TT Minion banging gears into the 7.5s at Mod Nats!Hearing this thing shift is so satisfying

Posted by Drag Racing and Car Stuff on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

TT Minion wins again! The TT Minion is a Mod Motor Mustang with Twin Bullseye Power NLX 73s. Yandro Ulloa the owner and driver of this car is starting to really kill it out on the strip, bringing home the Driver Mod Pro Winner check at Mod National on November 16, 2019. Yandro is very down to earth and very focused on winning. He is always looking for ways to improve his car and his life shows it. Yandro surrounds himself with a strong race team and speaks with Bill Devine frequently for feedback on the cars setup. His Tuner Joshua Levin does an amazing job working on any issues and will spend countless hours reviewing data to make this record setting beast come alive even more! Yandro is setting the bar in many ways and i’m sure he will continue to go faster and faster!

Bill Lutz and his 67′ Camaro

Huge shout out to Bill Lutz and his 67 Camaro. Bill has owned the car 27 years, the back half is all mostly original while the front is all custom it puts a new level of engineering into the design of this car. The Motor is a Minor Brothers built 477CI Hemi. Strapped to that surprisingly small power plant is 2 of our NLXs. Bill ran 6.00@245mph at the World Cup last month setting the world record. Bill and I spoke recently and he is pumped up and ready to put down more power. We can expect to see a new World Record from him at this rate. The next time we will see this car run will be in February at South Georgia Motorsports. At the end of the day its all about the right setup and Bill found his with the NLX.