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This is one nasty 6.0, fully built from the chassis up. The truck is setup for the Outlaw Diesel Super Series and will be running in the 5.90 index class. Austin built the F250 to chase the championship. The 6.0 Power stroke is decked out with the latest and greatest performance products on [...]

More than a legacy! Kim Morrell decided to build a 1948 Chevy 3100 for a good reason. Aside from her love for older trucks she wanted her grandson to one day have the same appreciation for older vehicles. Kim knows the importance of leaving behind something with class and nostalgia. The truck [...]

Bill Lutz is ready for No Prep Kings this year, are you? Bills 1967 Camaro has been transformed over the last 27 years and it’s just about done with the new sheet metal body panels. Holding the world record for the Quickest 275 Car he ran 6 seconds flat @245 last season. Bill wants the car [...]

Wajdy WK a Bullseye Power Turbocharger dealer in Canada has a pretty fun drag car. The cars name is the Booger and it’s almost ready for 2020 race season. The Booger has a 430CI SBF with a Bullseye Power 88mm NLX Series Turbocharger. Its set to make over 2000hp and with the reputation in [...]

Check out this build, Gary Smith's 2013 Denali is the Duramax lover’s dream. The fully built 6.6 is perfect for The Twin Street Billet 66mm Bullseye Turbochargers that feed a 68mm making this compound setup perfect. The truck is sitting at 650HP for daily driving even though the engine can [...]

Rob Parsons 1993 Ford Lightning is bad to the bone! The truck was purchased when Rob was 16 and it has only gotten better since. The overhaul on this wicked truck has been quite the project. It went through many stages but the majority of it was done over 12 years. Going into this Rob set out [...] This 1964 351 Needle Nose Butterfly Hood Peterbilt is the epitome of power and style for any trucker. The 64 Peterbilt was restored from the ground up by Nick [...]

Matt Parker has been on the quest for boost with his 1988 Mustang and just found it! In 1998 Matt purchased the Mustang and didn’t waste any time getting started. His good friends Wes Kirby and Marty Merillat have been key players in the build and constantly pushing Matt to go faster. He [...]

Jim Slobra Fichtner the owner and builder of this beautiful 03 Cobra has boost in his blood and went looking for more. He recently switched to Bullseye after maxing out his previous turbo combination and he is ready to start dominating the streets.  The Cobra has undergone many changes over [...]

Tim Volkers 2001 Mustang is quite the build. Tim is a true racer through and through he built almost the entire car himself and called in favors only when needed. Starting with under the hood is a BBF 472, decked out with only the best. The fully built boost ready 472 is equipped with AFR [...]