Diesel Madness


This is one nasty 6.0, fully built from the chassis up. The truck is setup for the Outlaw Diesel Super Series and will be running in the 5.90 index class. Austin built the F250 to chase the championship. The 6.0 Power stroke is decked out with the latest and greatest performance products on the market. Austin chose to upgrade to Bullseye Power Turbochargers at the beginning of this build to ensure that he can hit his target goal. The High Pressure Turbo is a 76mm NLX Series and the Low Pressure is a 94mm TCT Series. This setup is perfect for shattering the 1\8th mile record considering he was .002 off from being the fastest 6.0 ever and that was on his second pass!! We expect to see great things from Austin Denny and his 06 Ford F-250.