Category: Tech Bulletins

BullseyePower Turbochargers is rebranding their popular “Street Billet” series turbochargers into the new “Billet Wheel Series”. This rebranding should allow better placement in our product line as a premium turbocharger series that focuses on affordability but still retains a lightweight, [...]

A map width enhancement groove is a pathway between the front of a compressor cover and a slot on the inside of the bore, well behind the leading edge of the compressor wheel. A map width enhancement groove is and was designed to prevent compressor surge period. The Patented Tunable race [...]

Oil Feed Requirements: For all models SB, BMW, TCT and NLX Bullseye Turbochargers We recommend all feed lines be constructed with a -4 AN braided steel Teflon line. Do not use a T or Y on oil feed lines for any series turbocharger on twin applications. Each turbo must have its [...]

Oil Drain requirements: A gravity pitch to the pan and as little restriction as possible is necessary. A scavenge pump can be used to return the oil if a gravity pitch is not possible on your application. Avoid 90 and 45 degree fittings as they can restrict return flow. The return should be [...]

Threaded inlet Bullseye Powers 4th Generation patented tunable compressor cover has unique features that set it apart from any other cover on the market. Following these simple guidelines will ensure your compressor cover performs optimally and has a long service life. The compressor cover [...]

Our Batmowheel Series Turbo takes you another step into your need for crazy power. The BMW comes with our Patented compressor wheel that has notoriously set us apart from any other turbo on the market. This design has changed the game forever. The well known compressor wheel is designed for [...]

The NLX is equipped with the best of what we have from the cover down to the bearings. All NLX turbos come with a billet center section and True Dual Ball Bearings. The True Dual Ball Bearing billet cartridge comes with front and rear full angular contact ceramic ball bearings and provide a [...]

Our TCT is the turbo that really starts setting you apart from the rest. TCT stands for Triple Compression Technology. Our Patented compressor wheel covers more surface area than any other on the market allowing it to spool much faster allowing you to make power sooner. The TCT has two [...]

Did you know that all Mid and Large frame BMW, TCT and NLX turbos come with a billet aluminum center section and backing plate? That’s right! This new upgrade allows heat to dissipate faster and keep things cooler. The Aluminum bearing housing and back plate offer substantial weight [...]