BatMoWheel Series


Our Batmowheel Series Turbo takes you another step into your need for crazy power. The BMW comes with our Patented compressor wheel that has notoriously set us apart from any other turbo on the market. This design has changed the game forever. The well known compressor wheel is designed for faster spooling and higher efficiency that will outflow any turbo of the same size in the market. The Mid and Large frame BMW’s come with a billet center section, billet wheel and billet backing plate. This has dropped weight and allows the turbo to cool faster. The Billet center section also comes with the new ORB fitting for the feed line. ORB fittings are a O-ring style threaded fitting that provide a better seal than traditional NPT fittings.

Sand Toys Welcome!

I don’t know about you but playing in the sand and dirt is just as much fun as playing on the street. Jeremy Zadonia has the perfect setup for the sand and dirt! This 1984 Chevy Short Box is a wicked summer toy, under the hood is a 540Ci BBC with twin 88mm BMW Series turbos on 24.5 pounds of boost . This Chevy is a solid 2500hp and really fast! Jeremy runs a very aggressive boost curve and says they spool quickly and come on hard! The turbos are good for 30 Psi but the frame and suspension are not having it, Jeremy says some changes will be made this year to accommodate the massive power plant and twin 88s under the hood.