USA Made
Billet Aluminum Center
True Dual Ball Bearing

NLX Series Turbocharger
Performance on a Budget
Drop In Batmo and TCT Compressor Wheels
Street Billet Turbochargers
Budget minded with Bullseye quality!
Street Billet

USA Made
Gen 3 Race Cover
Original Billet Wheel

TCT Series Turbochargers
Lightest Journal Bearing Turbo in its class!
TCT Series

USA Made
Billet Aluminum Center
Billet Aluminum Backplate



Valued Customers,

We would like to address the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and potential Bullseye Power turbocharger and components/parts delivery issues.

Bullseye Power is following all of the CDC recommendations and precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus within our facility. As of now, production and shipping have been unaffected, but the situation is fluid. We are doing everything possible to get ahead of product delivery interruptions and as such have been proactively contacting our suppliers. Some have informed us that a disruption to supply is likely. Please know that in the case of any production interruptions, we will make every effort possible to get your parts shipped out as quickly as we can.

In addition to reaching out to our material suppliers, we’ve ramped up in-house cleaning services and protocols and are making every effort to keep our staff protected. Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our employees, their families and all of our customers.

We hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy, and we’re looking forward to getting our lives back on track.





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Tech Bulletins

Oil Feed Requirements

Oil Feed Requirements: For all models SB, BMW, TCT and NLX Bullseye Turbochargers We recommend all feed lines be constructed with a -4 AN braided steel Teflon line. Do not use a T

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Oil Drain Tech Bulletin

Oil Drain requirements: A gravity pitch to the pan and as little restriction as possible is necessary. A scavenge pump can be used to return the oil if a gravity

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Race Cover Instructions

Threaded inlet Bullseye Powers 4th Generation patented tunable compressor cover has unique features that set it apart from any other cover on the market. Following these simple guidelines will ensure your

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BatMoWheel Series

Our Batmowheel Series Turbo takes you another step into your need for crazy power. The BMW comes with our Patented compressor wheel that has notoriously set us apart from any

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NLX Series

The NLX is equipped with the best of what we have from the cover down to the bearings. All NLX turbos come with a billet center section and True Dual

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