Oil Feed Requirements


Oil Feed Requirements: For all models SB, BMW, TCT and NLX Bullseye Turbochargers We recommend all feed lines be constructed with a -4 AN braided steel Teflon line. Do not use a T or Y on oil feed lines for any series turbocharger on twin applications. Each turbo must have its own -4 AN braided steel Teflon line from the oil filter housing.

Journal bearing turbochargers: Do not use an oil feed restrictor unless the oil pressure is in excess of 80 PSI and OR there is an oil control issue present such as smoking and or dripping oil from the exhaust. If this condition exists, you should use a restrictor no smaller than .080” unless otherwise specified.

NLX Ball bearing turbochargers: NLX Turbochargers produced as of 01/19/2019 have a built-in oil feed restrictor, it may still be necessary to use an additional restrictor on applications with high oil pressure, thick oil, poor crankcase ventilation or a poor drain system. Call our office at 231-787-5209 to discuss the proper size restrictor before proceeding.

Billet center sections: All of our billet center sections as of 01/19/2019 use -4 ORB oil feed fittings.

Only cast iron center sections use 1/4 or 1/8 inch pipe thread with the exception of 2 models.

Turbo Charger Oil Feed Thread Size And Bolt Sizes:

All BEP Turbo Chargers that have (2) threaded holes on the oil inlet side (Small End) utilize a “bolt on” oil feed flange and use M8x1.25 bolts. 

Turbo sizes 256 (56mm) and 259 (59mm) that have a 4 inch OD compressor inlet are 1/4 BPT (British Pipe Thread).