About Us

Founded in 2003, Bullseye Power LLC. was created through passion and excitement for high-performance turbocharging in both gasoline and diesel applications. It has since expanded beyond those segments to become a leader in the design and manufacturing of aftermarket turbochargers and components. Bullseye Power products are proudly manufactured in-house, in the USA. Their in-house manufacturing and engineering abilities allow Bullseye Power to produce the best performing turbochargers in the aftermarket as well as be a top-tier supplier to several worldwide turbocharger manufacturers.

Do not be fooled by imitations!

Bullseye Power is the Home of the Original BatMoWheel™, and the first to create the BatMoWheel™ drop-in wheels for gasoline and diesel OEM applications. Look for the “bat” on the blade’s edge to be sure you are purchasing quality Bullseye Power components.

Our Guarantee

“If any turbocharger we recommend for your application does not perform as intended Bullseye Power LLC will exchange or replace any and all parts necessary to make the unit perform as promised, the customer will be responsible for freight,  and only the cost difference if the unit is upgraded for any reason .” – Wild Bill Devine

NOTE:  Customer invoice MUST indicate that the turbocharger in question was recommended by Bullseye Power LLC for replacement guarantee to be honored. Orders that explicitly differ from Bullseye Power LLC’s recommendation are not subject to performance guarantee. Offer is valid for 10 days after the date of purchase as noted on the invoice. The customer is responsible for freight charges.

Customer Service, Knowledge, and In-House Services

Bullseye Power’s team consists of racers, builders, tuners, and enthusiasts of a wide array of Motorsports disciplines. Our staff has a history of success in drag racing, truck and tractor pulling, and many other forms of high-performance Motorsports.

Bullseye Power’s patented BatMoWheelTM and TCT BatMoWheelTM series turbochargers are hand-built and precision assembly balanced in-house on state of the art equipment.

Manufacturing & Design Services Available

Bullseye Power offers design and manufacturing services to companies of any size, from industry leaders to small shops with big ideas. The company is structured in such a way that they are able to offer their services to small run specialty production projects and large volume manufacturing endeavors. Each project receives the same high level of professionalism, precision production, and customer service thanks to in-house and on-site design and manufacturing services. Factory-direct pricing ensures that customers receive fair, competitive quotes.

Bullseye Power’s engineering department uses the latest CAD software to design or evaluate existing designs to ensure maximum performance and reliability. After the engineering team has signed off on the component design, it is produced in Bullseye Power’s on-site foundry or machine shop. Bullseye Power develops all casting patterns in-house. In conjunction with 3-D solidification software, castings are produced using CNC machines to yield the tightest tolerances. Aluminum and steel castings ensure consistent results from every pour. For more intricate parts, or those where finish is paramount without machining, lost wax and other casting options are offered.

Reliability and functionality is a complete process that doesn’t end after the design and engineering phase of a project. The proper production materials are critical for a product to perform as it is designed. Bullseye Power is capable of pouring several types of metal; providing many material options for a project. New parts are x-rayed after being removed from castings in order to guarantee the highest level of integrity and quality control. After cast components are verified, all parts requiring finish work are moved over to Bullseye Power’s state-of-the-art machine shop. All machine work is performed with CNC equipment to guarantee consistent and exact tolerances, dimensions, and finishes.

Bullseye Power strives to achieve the highest level of performance, quality, and customer service with its turbochargers, components, and private label manufacturing in the OEM and aftermarket segments.