Lightning Fast


Rob Parsons 1993 Ford Lightning is bad to the bone! The truck was purchased when Rob was 16 and it has only gotten better since. The overhaul on this wicked truck has been quite the project. It went through many stages but the majority of it was done over 12 years. Going into this Rob set out to equip the truck with nothing less than the best products the performance industry has to offer. The transition brought him from a fully blown 393 with Nitrous to Twin Turbos with a built 428 SBF. The current setup with a built 428 SBF and Twin Bullseye Power 72mm TCT Turbochargers has been the best setup for this truck he has found. The power loving Hughes 4l80 Overdrive Transmission takes every bit of the 1200+Hp this beast puts down to the ground. Rob is currently dialing in the truck for Rocky Mountain Race Week this summer and we are sure he is going to shatter some records. The times we have seen from this Lightning fast Ford are nothing shy of impressive. If you are at Rocky Mountain Race Week this summer and line up with Rob, make sure you have your “Gap Insurance” because he’s bringing home the win!