Turbowerx EXA-Pump MIL-SPEC


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Exa-Pump® MIL-SPEC
Ultra High-Performance Military-Specification Electric Scavenge Pump


Over the years TurboWerx has developed various pumps for military and aerospace subcontractors worldwide. The qualifications required for these applications are extreme. TurboWerx has released two of these pump developments to our other markets – the Exa-Pump TWX-300MIL-12V and TWX-500MIL-24V. These hardened pumps were designed and manufactured for the most demanding, extreme applications and are 100% impervious to elements including underwater operation with IP69k certification. They have full CE qualification for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Declaration of Conformity.

Full Mil-Spec Certification Features and Specifications:

  • TWX-300MIL-12V – 3gpm open-flow, 12VDC@1.0-1.5A*
  • TWX-500MIL-24V – 5gpm open-flow, 24VDC@3.0-7.5A*
  • Rated to pump fluids up to 190C (375F)
  • >60psi head-pressure
  • IP69k qualified seals
  • Large 3/4-16 ORB SAE J475 ports and oversize 25mm phosphor-bronze pump gears:

  • Entire pump/ports easily rotated within heatsink 0-360º
  • Self-prime from >2M with wet gears
  • Pump flow reversible via polarity reversal
  • Viton 200C armature shaft oil seal
  • Viton 200C o-ring seal
  • CE certified
  • 50,000 hour-rated German or Japanese bearing set
  • 10,000 hour-rated oversize brush set, 260C Mica brush holder, and twin LC-filter electrical noise suppression:

  • Class C 220C AIW Polyamidelmide Armature Windings
  • 30cm FEP 200C Teflon Wire UL-1332 #16 harness with Aptiv Weather-Pack connector
  • 2m FEP 200C Teflon Wire UL-1332 #16 extension harness with Aptiv Weather-Pack connector

Motor magnets secured by rivets + high-temp epoxy:

  • Hard chrome-plated motor housing
  • Hard chrome-plated motor rear plate
  • Hard chrome-plated pump head + cover plate
  • Black-anodized extruded aluminum heatsink
  • Rubber vibration isolated mounts with chrome-plated stainless-steel inserts
  • All stainless fasteners
  • 3kg weight
  • Dimensions
  • Includes external 150µ screen pre-filter and three pairs of -10AN, -8AN, and -6AN port adapters:


12VDC Version:
TurboWerx Part # TWX-300MIL-12V
Price: $799.00

24VDC Version:
TurboWerx Part # TWX-500MIL-24V
Price: $799.00


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in