TurboWerx 150µ Filter


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The TurboWerx 150µ Screen Filter is a very low cost filter that can be added in-line to any system with 3/8” NPT ports. This filter is a true inline filter – both male and a female ports. It is the most compact inline filter available, yet has a massive bore of .45” (same size as -10AN) for maximum flow. It features double o-ring sealing, and a 150µ stainless steel screen element that is easy to inspect/clean/replace. The body is aluminum with the same anti-corrosion nickel-plating exactly as Exa-Pump. For the ultimate in filtration, see the Exa-Pure™.


TurboWerx 150µ Screen Filter element

TurboWerx 150µ Screen Filters installed on Exa-Pump and Exa-Pump “Mini”


TurboWerx Part # TWX-38NPT-150
Price: $29.00

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in